Data is like oil: Useless until you refine it

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Organizations of all sizes overestimate the value of their data given the state it’s in. In other words, there is a lot of potential value in their data assets but realizing that value requires setting some strategic priorities. One of the most overwritten sentences in tech circles these days is that data is the new […]

Your job is at stake: Artificial Intelligence won’t take over the world anytime soon but Data already did

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The Future workforce is not an Army of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. It’s a data analyst embedded in every job we have in the economy. Unemployment The need for understanding trends and patterns in data is dramatic and it’s here to stay. One of the most prominent headlines you are constantly reading in the […]

The Importance of a Cloud Security Strategy: Authentication

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Overview Cloud Infrastructure providers have evolved rapidly and while there is no doubt that their infrastructure teams have top-notch security measures a lot of the responsibility falls in the hands of those operating the cloud applications. A recurring term in this context is the Shared Responsibility Model that AWS has made popular. It clearly delineates […]